10 minute stretches

With so many things going on in your day to day life it can be easy to let exercise slip to the bottom of your priority list but remember staying active isn’t just hitting the gym for hours on end or going to multiple classes a week. You can squeeze small doses of exercise into even the busiest of routines.  My personal favourite is to take 10 minutes at lunchtime to do some simpe stretches. There is an abundance of 10-minute stretching videos to be found on youtube that will lead you through easy stretching methods.  I find that following along with an instructor gives me confidence when you are first starting out.  Once you get comfortable with the different moves you can start to create your own routines that focus specifically on certain areas of your body or even ones that are good for your emotional needs.

Always remember to be mindful of your breath when stretching.  Try and inhale as you prepare for the stretch and then exhale as you lean into a stretch to enhance the stretch.

The benefits of daily stretching include increased blood flow to your body and better balance skills.  If like me, you are stretching in the middle of the day, you will probably notice that you feel more energetic and creative once you complete the stretches.  Getting away from your desk and waking up your muscles can be a great way to beat writer’s block!  Speak to your employer about the benefits of stretching, they may be able to provide company resources to get everyone involved!

With regular stretching, you will probably notice that you have fewer aches and pains in the mornings or after heavier workouts and can help you go further in other energetic pursuits.

Like any physical activity, listen to your body and consult experts if you have questions or concerns about stretches or unusual muscle pain.  A 10-minute stretching session should be an enjoyable and refreshing break from the rest of your day; be gentle with your body and don’t push it further than you should.

Try 10 minutes of stretching each day for one week and note any changes to both your emotional well being and your physical body.  Chances are you will feel calmer and more confident in your body.  Enjoy!


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