Letting It Go

Sniggers from a couple of strangers on the bus were enough to start me worrying that I had something on my face or that I had picked a truly terrible outfit to wear that day.  After arriving at work I realised I had left my lunch sitting in the kitchen at home rather than bringing it with me and then while I was berating myself for not bringing my prepped lunch I forgot about a scheduled meeting so arrived 5 minutes late and flustered to the boardroom. I started analysing every comment from co-workers for perceived slights or unhappiness, in short, I was ready to curl up under my desk and just hope for the day to be over quickly!

My unhappiness must have shown on my face because around 11:30 am I came back to my desk to find a hot cup of tea and a post note with a smiley face and ‘Let it go and begin again’ written on it.  What a timely reminder to not get bogged down in those little things, and how wonderful that all it took to pull me out of the funk I had gotten myself into was a warm beverage and a handwritten note.  I pulled up my favourite breathing exercise on my phone and spent 5 minutes breathing deeply to re-centre myself.  It was a wonderful way to reset my day and allowed me to let go of how it had started and instead look forward to what possibilities it could bring.

I started my afternoon with a fresh outlook and when 5 pm came around, not only had I had one of my most productive days, I was feeling great! I hugged my coworker for giving me that much-needed boost and headed out into the evening with a confidence born out of realising that I had the power to not let the little things get to me, it could be as simple as just letting it go.


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