Taking a Moment

Have you ever taken a moment to list all the demands that are placed upon you? A frightening thought isn’t it!

The connectedness of the modern world can make it hard to unplug or turn off when you leave the office.  Work emails can ping on your phone at any time and the 24/7 cycle of social media never, ever stops. Constant notifications cause constant distractions.  What would happen if you turned it all off?  Taking a distraction-free moment, just for yourself, from time to time is incredibly important. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something in your own company?

A friend once told me to take myself out for a glass of wine.

The thought chilled me to the bone, I had no idea what I would do by myself. I was so used to being surrounded by other people that I had no real idea of who I was, instead I had been defining myself by my relationships with other people. So when it came to taking myself out for a glass of wine I approached it like any other trip out for a glass of wine.
First question: Where to go… I had no idea, I knew where I would go if I was with various other people because they all had their likes and dislikes but when it was just me?
The realisation that I was so concerned about other peoples desires that I never stopped to think about my own preferences was an incredibly timely one, and it made me curious. What would my favourite place to go out for a solo drink be like? Was I looking for a bar with live music, a spot to curl up and read a book or a place where I could meet new people?
I decided I would go with a good people watching spot and in the spirit of trying new things, I would go to a pop-up bar that had recently opened. I had passed this particular bar multiple times on my way to and from work but had dismissed it for a variety of reasons that, I now realised, had no relation to me. One of my friends didn’t like sitting outdoors, a co-worker had gone on a disastrous first date at a close by spot and my sister-in-law’s allergies would require an in-depth analysis of the menu, but when it was just me, I was completely free.

I went to the pop-up bar, I had a glass of wine and made friends with myself. It was glorious, you should try it sometime.

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