Your December Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, the world has gotten a little cosier. Big scarves, hats, hot chocolates, gluhwein, it’s all permitted this time of year. Snuggle around the fireplace, turn on the lights of your tree and get yourself into the festive spirit of the season. Now is the time to sort out those last minute presents for under the tree – there simply isn’t time anymore to put off Christmas shopping any longer. Read our handy gift guide with our favourite websites for some last minute shopping!


Not quite sure what to get your parents, partner or sibling? Have a browse through Etsy – you are guaranteed to find something you haven’t thought of. Etsy is a great platform where small business and individuals can sell their homemade crafts and products. They have now sorted their homepage based on personal attributes, like coffee craver and creative spirit and budget, so finding that last minute gift has been made easier! Get a great apron or customise cutting board for the budding chefs in your family, buy his & hers mugs for your parents or get the creative juices flowing with a DIY kit. Cynthia Treen Studio has created some fantastic kits that allow anyone to make fantastic felt animals.

Bloom Magic

Especially when you live on the other side of the country, or world, it can be hard to figure out what to send to your nearest and dearest to let them know you are thinking about them this Christmas. Sometimes just a Christmas card doesn’t quite cut it. This is where Bloom Magic Flowers comes in. They have a wide range of gorgeous bouquets for delivery anywhere in Ireland and the UK, ideal for those times when you want to surprise someone with a big bunch of flowers. Their Christmas range is jolly festive, with red and white flowers and seasonal greenery. All bouquets come with sparkly accessories or baubles, ideal to wish close family and friends a very happy holiday season.


I couldn’t leave Amazon of this list! With Prime delivery on products across categories, Amazon is fantastic to sort out last minute presents for Christmas. Have a gadget geek in your family? Amazon is running a few last minute Christmas deals on their devices, so you can score Echo devices or tablets with a nice discount. Not only that, they also run daily deals on all kinds of items, from books to whiskeys. You don’t even have to brave the high-street mayhem these last few days before Christmas to find great gifts. You could also do some bulk shopping ahead of the holidays, and buy your family’s favourite sweets and snacks in bulk to save some pounds this Christmas.

How to have a delightful December

One way or another Christmas is slowly but surely chugging our way so it’s definitely time to embrace the fact! We are confirmed fans of this time of year, but if you’re somewhat dreading it, then chances are it’s because you find it a bit overwhelming with a million and one things to do. Don’t let things get on top of you this December though – we’re here to help you have a delightful one! Continue reading “How to have a delightful December”

Gifting to Perfection

With Halloween done and gone, the natural progression of the holiday marketing cycle dictates that, by the time you read this, every shop will be playing Christmas carols on repeat, jingle bells will be tinkling on the high street, and colour schemes will be narrowed to red and green. All of this, to encourage you to get into that gift-giving mood.

And to be honest, this can be overwhelming at first thought, and second. Though, I remember a time, not that long ago, when trekking to a shopping centre in polar conditions on public transportation, seemed like a fine way to spend a Saturday. Since graduating, I have found this prospect less inviting!

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Taking a Moment

Have you ever taken a moment to list all the demands that are placed upon you? A frightening thought isn’t it!

The connectedness of the modern world can make it hard to unplug or turn off when you leave the office.  Work emails can ping on your phone at any time and the 24/7 cycle of social media never, ever stops. Constant notifications cause constant distractions.  What would happen if you turned it all off?  Taking a distraction-free moment, just for yourself, from time to time is incredibly important. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something in your own company?

A friend once told me to take myself out for a glass of wine.

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Letting It Go

Sniggers from a couple of strangers on the bus were enough to start me worrying that I had something on my face or that I had picked a truly terrible outfit to wear that day.  After arriving at work I realised I had left my lunch sitting in the kitchen at home rather than bringing it with me and then while I was berating myself for not bringing my prepped lunch I forgot about a scheduled meeting so arrived 5 minutes late and flustered to the boardroom. I started analysing every comment from co-workers for perceived slights or unhappiness, in short, I was ready to curl up under my desk and just hope for the day to be over quickly!

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10 minute stretches

With so many things going on in your day to day life it can be easy to let exercise slip to the bottom of your priority list but remember staying active isn’t just hitting the gym for hours on end or going to multiple classes a week. You can squeeze small doses of exercise into even the busiest of routines.  My personal favourite is to take 10 minutes at lunchtime to do some simpe stretches. There is an abundance of 10-minute stretching videos to be found on youtube that will lead you through easy stretching methods.  I find that following along with an instructor gives me confidence when you are first starting out.  Once you get comfortable with the different moves you can start to create your own routines that focus specifically on certain areas of your body or even ones that are good for your emotional needs.

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