How to have a delightful December

One way or another Christmas is slowly but surely chugging our way so it’s definitely time to embrace the fact! We are confirmed fans of this time of year, but if you’re somewhat dreading it, then chances are it’s because you find it a bit overwhelming with a million and one things to do. Don’t let things get on top of you this December though – we’re here to help you have a delightful one! Continue reading “How to have a delightful December”

Taking a Moment

Have you ever taken a moment to list all the demands that are placed upon you? A frightening thought isn’t it!

The connectedness of the modern world can make it hard to unplug or turn off when you leave the office.  Work emails can ping on your phone at any time and the 24/7 cycle of social media never, ever stops. Constant notifications cause constant distractions.  What would happen if you turned it all off?  Taking a distraction-free moment, just for yourself, from time to time is incredibly important. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something in your own company?

A friend once told me to take myself out for a glass of wine.

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Letting It Go

Sniggers from a couple of strangers on the bus were enough to start me worrying that I had something on my face or that I had picked a truly terrible outfit to wear that day.  After arriving at work I realised I had left my lunch sitting in the kitchen at home rather than bringing it with me and then while I was berating myself for not bringing my prepped lunch I forgot about a scheduled meeting so arrived 5 minutes late and flustered to the boardroom. I started analysing every comment from co-workers for perceived slights or unhappiness, in short, I was ready to curl up under my desk and just hope for the day to be over quickly!

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